• Translation, editorial, and other related services

    The team of Konopí magazine editors also offers a broad variety of translation, editorial, and other services related to the world of cannabis and more. We are specialists in the translation and revision of popular and scientific texts, books, expert studies, etc. about the medical, industrial, and commercial use of cannabis. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the area, we can provide professional translations from English into Czech and Czech into English of articles, medical brochures and guides for patients and doctors, advertising and promotion materials, and other texts related to the cannabis plant (recipes, instructions, legal texts, etc.) and/or other herbs. In addition, we can also provide PR texts tailored to your needs, edit and proofread third-party translations, and help promote your final product on social networks.


    Price list: translations, graphic work, print production

    Translation from EN: 700 CZK/SP* 28 €/SP

    Translations from NL, DE, ES, FR: 800 CZK/SP 32 €/SP

    Proofreading: 300 CZK/SP 12 €/SP

    DTP (typesetting, editing): 700 CZK/SP 28 €/SP

    Above-standard services (text summarization, selections, etc.): 450 CZK/hour 18 €/hour

    Design and advertising layouts: 900 CZK/hour 36 €/hour

    Print production (fliers, posters, promotional material, etc.): negotiable price, please contact us

    *SP = Standard Page (1800 characters or 250 words)



    Bob Hýsek, tel. +420 737 300 375, e-mail: office@konomag.cz